Roast Chicken and other stories…

Is there a food more comforting, more reminiscent of home and more suited to rainy, grey days than a perfect roast chicken with all the trimmings? A whole burnished chicken, stuffed with an onion, garlic, half a lemon, some springs of rosemary, thyme perhaps.  Sizzling with the butter and fat it’s been basted with, some scattered salt crystals and a few chopped thyme leaves to … Continue reading Roast Chicken and other stories…

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Six Months….how on earth did we get here?

Six months felt like the natural time to start a blog on our new life here in the Castelli Romani. Where I hear you ask? Nestled some 10 km South East of Rome in Lazio, the Castelli Romani comprises sixteen towns set in the beautiful Colli Albani (Alban Hills). Rich in history and known for its food and wine (think the eponymous white wine in … Continue reading Six Months….how on earth did we get here?


Hi and welcome. I’m Cathy, or Catty as the Italians tend to pronounce it! Originally from the beautiful university town of Cambridge in the UK, I moved to Grottaferrata in the Castelli Romani in March 2019 with my husband and 6 year old miracle IVF daughter, Mimi. Oh and our elderly cat Maisie and recently adopted kitten Mimitu, the craziest kitty in Europe, who is … Continue reading About

What do you do when the priest comes knocking?

It’s not a question I’d ever asked myself before the move, when living in the flat fens of Cambridgeshire, despite being a stone’s throw away from what is arguably East Anglia’s greatest cathedral. And what a place for three atheists to start their new life, in the foothills of the Vatican City no less! Now whilst the Catholic Church is an ever present feature in … Continue reading What do you do when the priest comes knocking?